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The 3 Most Common Mistakes Course Creators Make (and How to Ensure Your Course is a Huge Success!)

Hosted by
Grant Weherley
Gabrielle Chipeur ,
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April 3rd | 13:00 EDT | Show in my timezone

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Here's What You'll Learn

Why most course creators never launch their courses

Learn the real reason there are thousands of half created online courses and what you can do to make sure you launch your course quickly and successfully.

The key component you probably haven't planned for

And how to make sure you're not blindsided by this simple thing after you launch and enroll students into your online course.

The 3 most common mistakes course creators make

All of the course creators we've worked with have made these mistakes in the past and we want to make sure you side step them into success with your course.

How to get MORE students in your next online course

This one strategy has increased enrollments in our client's courses exponentially and you can steal it to make sure you have a steady stream of students in your courses.


About Grant Weherley

Grant is the Founder / CEO of Monetize Your Expertise, which he started with the mission to drive forward educational innovation, through helping the experts with the best ideas share their ideas far and wide, so that no one with an internet connection is ever more than a few clicks away from the most transformative ideas on any topic. He’s passionate about helping thought leaders grow their businesses through the incorporation of modern educational technology, as well as the overall process of learning (which when done right, is fun!). Oh, and salsa dancing. Fun fact: he was also in a music video with a famous singer in Colombia that has 14 million views. 


About Gabrielle Chipeur

Gabrielle is an award-winning web and instructional designer who loves Star Wars and owns far too many pairs of glasses. As Monetize Your Expertise's tech and content specialist she helps experts package up their knowledge into online courses that work to grow their business.

Design, tech and online education have been her entire world for the last 16 years and she loves being able to facilitate the spread of knowledge through online courses.

April 3rd
13:00 EDT